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Simple Trick that can Double your adSense CTR

Many webmasters and blog owners use Google adSense straight out of the box. They simply copy the standard code Google provides and paste it in their website code. Bloggers usually just simply use a widget or revert to adSense ready templates to display their ads. This usually works and generates some good income, but there are some very simple tricks to double your adSense CTR and revenue!

The truth is that marketing specialists and commercial makers have been studying customer behaviour for ages. They have developed special ways to increase brand awareness, sell more products and just get their message accross. Branding and marketing is a difficult science and you can’t be expected to know all about it, but their are some simple tricks that can be used to adSense publishers advantage.

In most TV commercials and banners you can already see it. In essence ordering a potential customer to do something is almost  always implemented. ‘Buy Now!!’, ‘Order Now’, ‘Get Your Copy Today!’ and  ‘Click Here’ are just some simple and rather blatant examples. Also, Google has made some strict rules on ordering or asking your website visitors to click your ads, so doing this is not a good idea and will probably get your adSense account banned and all your current revenue deleted.

There are some more subtle and more psychological ways to get your users to click though. Mind control or manipulation may seem a bit crude, but it can definetly work. I will be blogging about several ways to do this but heres the first one.

Ad Style Rotation

Using the Correct Colours!

Some clever guys have once tested how colours have effect on humans. They experimented in supermarkets and basically registered what colours the products had that were bought the most. From that test the colours red and yellow came up as the big winners. Especially in combination these colours immediately attract attention. They are complimentary colours and they most vibrant and bright of the complimentary colour sets.

Using these colours in your adSense ads can thus greatly improve your CTR and I’ve experienced it for myself. Changing a nicely blended adSense spot to have  red border and a yellow background increased my CTR from 1.3% to 2.8% on average. It didn’t look as good as before so I played around a little with the darkness of the colours and finally got to a solution that fitted the website pretty good and still produced good revenue. I also changed some small website details to fit those colours in the overall design as I usually want a website to not only produce revenue but also look professional.

Changing this does not always work though and I do have examples where it either did nothing or just boost the CTR slightly, whilst demolishing the pages design. The key to getting the right colour scheme was then to play around. having an ad style run for a day or two before changing it to the next can give you a good idea of the optimum colour scheme if done for a week or two.

Keep rotating adSense Styles.

The key to optimizing adSense is always to keep experimenting and there are some useful javascripts or php scripts to randomize your ad  styling. Its not only usefull for you getting an idea about what colour scheme works best it can also counteract ad-blindness.

Many popular blogs and good websites have a lot of subscribers or regular readers that will revisit. They will become ad blind and not notice the ads after some time. Having them rotate constantly (may be between your best two or three colour schemes) can prevent this and will probably cause more clicks on your ads.

So remember: Keep rotating and optimizing!

I would love to hear whether a technique like this has worked for you!

Also please let us know what colour scheme has given you the highest CTR!

Ad Review: ThemeLib

The owner of ThemeLib kindly asked me to review his site. He gets about 1500 unique visitor a day and has a high PR. This site has a lot of potential to make significant revenue from ads. He also has the positions sorted out quite nicely.

Here’s a screenshot of his homepage:

Current homepage

Three ad delivery systems are used here. The owner has been selling advertising spots for a fixed rate at position 4. I can not make a lot of changes to this as this is bringing steady income and is always a good idea when you have a successful blog. Also this position can not be changed because the advertisers bought that specific spot.

All in all the site is well-designed and ads fit in pretty well.

Ad Position 1 is a spot that is sort of risky, because the menu above it has drop down lists in it and this is actually against google standards and may get the user banned if they find out. It is a good spot and has high potential, especially if the colouring is altered a bit to fit more with the menu above it. To keep this position one can take the risk and change nothing. A better idea would be to remove the drop down or have them slide horizontally or have them slide out to the top.  I altered the colouring of this spot, as you can see below, so it does not look exactly like the menu but does attract attention and offers a user a point to go to, if the menu does not offer what their looking for.

All in all the homepage has good ad placemen and ad position 2 should definitely stay the same. A visual ad in this spot is probably providing quite some income.

The user also uses infoLinks (ad spot 3) to supply highlighted keywords with additional ads. He might consider removing them from the homepage and only using them in the posts as it might distract the user from going deeper into the site. This website probably has quite a lot of subscribers and these people visit regularly, they will quickly become aware of the different ads and will quickly notice these green labelled links on all pages so the might become adblind on these. Also the styling of the AdSense textlink blocks on each page may need to be randomized to prevent ad blindness for regular users. There are simple javascripts for this.

All in all the homepage looks good. The single blog post pages may need some changes though. Below is a current blog post page with the ad positions highlighted.

Current blog post ad spots

We already discussed spot 1 so lets move on to position 2.

Ad position2 is position very well again. Right in the spot the user will start to read the blog pos. Styling is Googles standard though and this might need to be changed to attract a bit more attention. Also because there is some space to the right of this ad an image right left to it may be a good idea. This will attract more attention and together with the new styling this ad will probably be clicked more often.

Ad position 3 is a custom search box and also has good placing. Halfway through the article a user might want different info and this search box offers this perfectly. The search results show quite a lot of ads and this may generate some good income. I would need to hear from the websites owner if this is true though!

Also a new ad has been placed next to the logo on the top. This might be a little too invasive and throw of this nice design, but one could experiment with it. It could fit quite nicely. A white background on this one would make it less invasive.

The final setup would look like this. Also notice the new styling on spot 1 if he chooses to still have an ad here after the warning…

Fianl ad positions outlined

Also this site does not provide ads at the bottom of the posts or at the bottom of the comments. Quite often a user will read a blog post and then needs to decide where to go next. A 468×60 text ad ad those spots may be a good idea. This site has enough content to not be overloaded with 3 or more ads, so I think this is  a good idea.

This is the final page set-up as suggested by me:

Final ad positioning

I would love to know if this works out so please let us know what you changed and if tha increased the CTR!

Ad Review: Piracy is a Crime

This next website is a Joomla! based template and is located here: Piracy Is A Crime. Because it is a Joomla! template and the user does not have absolute control on ad placements there were some restrictions in the way ads could be displayed. Currently the page shows 3 ads and most of them are not blended in very well. They use the standard Google AdSense colours and styling and some changes may be better for the CTR.

Here’s the current layout:

Current ad placement

Ad Position 1 is not blended at al, and this is pretty hard because the bg on these pannels is a gradient. Also, I feel this ad does not do much because there is a bigger 468×60 ad unit below it. Also, if these thinlink units are not placed strategically, like directly below a menu then they don’t do much. Users want to get some more info before they click. A simple text link without description does often not get clicked. Therefore I’d like to remove this ad.

Ad Position 2 is positioned pretty well but blending is a problem here too. Also, because the main info block is directly below it offering further navigation, users will probably quickly scan over this one and head straight for the content. At the end of the main news section might be a better idea. Blending could be done by using he same colours as the ‘Warez Bust Database’ box, with blue border and blue link colors. A small exclamaition icon right next to it will attract more attention.

Ad Position 3 is placed pretty well. It is below the fold but offers a exit position for people reading the first article. Blending could be done better by changing the border collor to the blue used in the box above it. Also the text colors are standard and adblindness may prevent users from clicking on it.

Because the page lacks visual stimuli I’d like to ad a visual add right in the content area. This add could be 300×250 and floated left with the text around it. It might be necessary to make clear to the user this is an advertisement but if Google doesn’t complain you could try and leave it as displayed below. I don’t think it should be a problem as I see this kind of ad placement a lot.

Another possibility for generating income could be by using a Google Search box. This box should be placed below the ‘Warez Bust Database’. This tool sometimes displays no results and a search using Google may be a good exit point when users get this message. Ad Position 3 will just be slightly lower due to this, but as it is an exit poitn for visitors reading the content this is no problem.

This is the final set-up; the ads are border with red to highlight them:

Ad placements outlined

Another good position for a 468×60 might be just below each article to provide another exit point for finished readers. This website has enough content to not get cluttered with ads so this should do no harm.

The final page could look like this:

Final AdSense Placements

Although the ads have no been moved down on the page and are not near the main point of focus, which is in the top left, I feel this could work. Give it a spin and if the 468×60 does not get a good CTR, you might move it back above the News section again. Keep us posted on the revenue changes!

Ad Review: GFCM Direcory

The following website: GFCM Directory gets it’s main income from selling featured links. Nevertheless some good AdSense revenue could also be made, as this website gets about 400 visitors daily. Most of these visitors will probably be webmaster looking to submit their site as not a lot of internet browsers stumble on to directories like this. Webmasters are usually pretty adblind and one needs to be a little creative to get their focus on a add.

Below is the current website set-up with only one 468×90 add in a clearly defined advertisement spot.

Current ad positions

This ad position (spot 1)  stand out but is not located within the area a user will most certainly look (sea heatmap article). Most webmaster will visit a page like this and move straight on to thier needed category. Having ads below this spot will probably not produce a high CTR. Also this spot will be below the fold on most webbrowsers.

Furthermore this website is selling featured listings to their customers. It seems a little bit unfair to push those positions further down and place an AdSense add just above them. I therefore suggest removing this ad block and utulizing the space above the main content for the main AdSense ads.
The logo and main header is wel designed and attracts a lot of attention. Having a visual leaderboard just below it might be a good idea as the visitors will probably scan over his area on their way to the main categories. To fill the space on the right a Link Unit (120×90) is positioned on here. This position is accompanied by a small icon (the icon here is just an example) to fit in the sites theme and sort of mimic the category list layout on the page.  This spot is also on route to the search field, which might be usefull, as webmasters will quickly resort to the search feature if they can not find thier appropriate category from this overview page.

A third ad (234×60) could be placed at the bottom right of the category listing as this will be the area of main attention and this spot is currently still open. Also this spot is a natural exit point for the user after looking through all categories. The user may want to keep on browsing at this point, resort to the search button or click the back button. All angles are covered with this set up.

Here’s the suggested setup:

Final ad positions with outlines

The inner pages listing the result could also be optimized but let’s keep it to only the main page for this review.

The following image is the final suggested setup:

Fianl ad setup

I hope these suggestions sound logical and I would love to hear if they work out!

Ad Review: My It Byte Blog

Another ad placement review is done for My It Byte Blog. This website looks pretty good, although a bit plain, but it does express a certain professionalism. Below are the current ad placements.

Current Ad Positions

I personally have the feeling the ads are blended in a little too wel. Although this is a good practice and will not cause distraction from the websites content some ads might deserve a little more attention.

Ad Position 1 is well positioned, right were the user would expect a menu to be. Although, with ad blindness being a mayor problem nowadays, especially for a website in this niche (usually visited by people that browse the internet a lot) a user will quickly realize this is not the main menu and probably discard the relevance of this ad position. This is further enhanced by the fact that this position has ‘Ads by Google‘ written right at the spot where the user will start reading. If this type of Link Unit is not below a menu, where a user will return to for further webbrowsing, I don’t really like it. Also because you should not have too many ads on a website, i’d discard this ad position.

Ad Position 2 is positioned right where the menu also could be. A user will notice this one second and also here will find that he is being fooled, because he or she expects the websites navigation to be in one of these spots. It’s well blended and only needs a simple shift downwards, below the websites navigation: ‘Recent Posts’. Also a little bit of visual aid could help this one. A simple graded bar, coloured just like the logo, right next to it might do the trick. Remember to keep the Title ‘More Resources’ or ‘Advertisement’ above it. This is so the user won’t be tricked in clicking because he or she thinks it’s part of the website main navigation.

Ad Position 3 is positioned quite nicely and falls in line with all the other lists that are in this website unit. I feel this one could remain here and maybe only some randomization or style changes could improve the CR here.

Because we removed ad position 1, I feel we could ad another. Having 3 ads is not really a rule, but is a good standard. Also because the website lacks visuals a visual 300×250 ad floated left in the main content might be good one. This ad is surely going to attract attention, as it is positioned right where the user will start scanning the content. Also here the term Advertisement should be placed above it so Google can’t give any problems.

Here’s a view of the new ad positions and styles. The changes are outlined red:

Final ad positions outlined

The final website will look like this:

Final ad Positions and styles

Website owner please let us know if this works out!

Ad Review: BollyWood Actresses

This review of the ad placement for the website BollyWood Actresses will discuss current ad placements on this website and a suggestion of how these could simply be improved to hopefully increase revenue.

First of all, lets discuss current ad placements. Below is a screenshot of the current ad placements.

Current websites ad placement

Ad position 1 is positioned and blended quite nicely in the design. It is spot on in the golden triangle and users are bound to notice this ad. Positioning is good on this one, but some improvements ma be necessary. This ad position is either textual or visual and I might suggest changing this to only textual ads as this would then look more like content. Also, if a visual aid is positioned next to it, like a random image, this add would get more attention. Changing background colors on it will still maintain Google AdSense standards as the add will surely be noticed as an add and the user will not be tricked to click thinking it is content. Rounded corners are there to blend in with the website. Also increaseing this ads size from 300×250 to 336×280 will increase the amount of ads to be shown. The space is there anyway.

Ad position 2 is not well blended and actually looks pretty ugly on the site. It diminishes the websites design and does not attract positive attention. Also because users are very aware of Google AdSense of this format they are not very likely to be clicked. Also there is a lot of waisted space down below and this could be nicely filled with a skyscrapper. I’d prefer a visual ad for this as the page already lacks a lot of imagery.

Ad Position 3 is below the fold and because I have the feeling this site does not entice the users to scroll down, I’d exchange this ad for something smaller and higher up on the page. A ad position just below the menu, nicely blended in might do the trick. Be sure to ad a label ‘Advertisement’ because this won’t get you in trouble with Google.

Here’s the suggested ad placements:

Final with outline

A 468×90 ad may also be a good idea at the bottom for a change, but I think the user will mainly be interested in the girls images and not their actual profile. They will thus not need a other ‘navigational path, provided by ads,  at the bottom. All ads should be positioned primarily around the area the user visits first, as I think this site will have a high bounce rate and users need to be drawn in to click ads straight away.

The final website will look like this:

Final website with new ad positions and styles.

Just my 50 cents. BollyWood Actress owner, will you let us know if you’ll change these ad positons and styles and if this has helped your CTR?

Best Ad Positions, using heatmaps!

Eye tracking for ad placementsFor several years now website owners and companies have relied on heatmaps to optimize their websites in terms of navigational pathways and usability. Why shouldn’t we use this info to optimize our ad placements?

By knowing where a user focuses his or her attention ads can be better placed, ultimately increasing your revenue!

First off; what are Heatmaps?

Heatmaps are visual representation of a visitors mouse or eye movements when visiting a page. There are several scripts or web analytics systems out there that can collect this data for mouse movements. For eye movements it is a little bit more complex and this is generally done in high tech website analytics labs, where a user is asked to browse through a website with a special headset tracking their eyes movements. Alternatively this can be done by specialised software that analyzes a video recording of the users eyes whilst browsing the website.


This data is then translated to show the length of time a user stares or holds its mouse over a certain position on the page.  In some cases also mouse clicks are recorded but in this case that data is less important because click behaviour very much depends on the positioning of site navigation and other links. A user will simply not click on an empty space.

So how can this help my ad placement?

By studying heatmaps we can get better insights in the areas a user focuses on when visiting a website. This of course aids us in positioning our ads in positions that attract the most attention and are natural for users too look at.Getting heatmaps for your own website can be done for free, but for very extensive studies money will have to be paid. Also, for eye tracking one will have to consult a special company or studio and if done solely for the pupose of better ad placements may not be worth the money.

Here we have selected several publicly available heatmaps from various websites to get insights in the general user movement and focus on an average website page.  And because, when a user visits a website that is new for him or her a general idea of Ad positioning with heatmapswhere certain elements should be on a page (learned by years of web browsing) eyes and mouse will usually be aimed at the same spots. Also scanning and general movement across a page is similar for most websites. The selection of heatmaps are shown here on the right.

On all websites a user starts in the top left, quite similar to reading a book in non Arabic countries.  Eye movement will then be focused along the menu either horizontal or vertically, but focus quickly shift towards the beginning of the main content. The main content is then scanned in a zigzag pattern from left to right and from top to bottom, also similar to a book.  Towards the right and bottom of a page focus is lost and the bottom right area receives far less attention. Most movement is thus within a triangle running from the top left to the top right and to the bottom left. This area is usually called the ‘golden triangle’.Eye movements

Thus if you want an ad to be noticed it should ideally be placed within this area.  Also because a users scans the menu first ads directly below or next to it will also get immediate attention. Then when the user moves on to the main content, and ad where the user expects the article to begin might be a good idea. Alternatively ads could be placed in the top right or right next to each outer limit of the zigzag pattern a users uses to scan a page.
This zigzag pattern is usually governed by headers with the main content and other areas of focus within the main text. An ad to the right of a eye catching subheader thus might be a good idea.

This info should give you a general idea of spots that a users will most probably look at, but this can vary quite a lot for different layouts. Especially if other attention grabers like animations and extravagant graphics are present on a webpage.

Ad Placement using heatmapsBut good ad Placement is not all!

Placement is one thing getting users to click is another. Although a user may quickly notice an add by good positioning the immediate  action may be to move on and actually read the pages content. Ads should thus not always be placed on the spots of maximum user focus. Sometimes it may be better to move ads to positions where users will have to decide what their next action is. This is usually at ends of the main content, as this is where the user will end up after reading and will be forced to move on. Also near or bellow site navigation is a good spot as users quite often move back to this area to see what other resources they can visit on the website. Ultimately, when your content is not very good and readers have decided to abandon the page ad placements en route to the back button (top left) or  towards the window-close button (top right) may be a good spot.

It is good practice to have at least one ad in the golden traingle as you can be sure the user has noticed this ad Googles golden triangleand may actually decide to click on it directly or return to it after reading the main content.

I realize this article provides some insights that are rather intuative, but at least your ideas are now backed up by proof and maybe you have learned something new!

Are you getting good CTR from ads placed outside the golden triangle and on spots not mentioned here? Do you have any ideas on how this data should be used differently? If so, please le us know!

Change Font Face of the Text in AdSense

The adSense blog has just notified everybody that it is now possible to modify the font of any adSense Adblock you are publishing on your website.

It is now possible to change the font face of any text in adunits in any one of the Latin character languages.  For now you can choose between Arial, Times new Roman and Verdana.
Of course this can be done when customizing an ad unit, just like when you would change the ad colours. This is done via the ‘Ad Display Preferences’ within your AdSense account and this will alter all fon types for all your current active AdSense ads.

You can also specify specific fonts per ad unit when using the ‘Manage Ads’ feature.

This opens up opportuinites for new optimization testing. Just like altering colours and positions, changing an Ads text may give you a slight increase in your CTR. We suggest experimenting with this and finding the font that is most profitable for you.

Good luck, and happy optimizing.

How to track adSense clicks in Google Analytics

Tracking adSense clicks can be off great value for publishers as it will let you determine which pages, what kind of visitors and when you have the higherst CTR and ultimately how you make the most money from your ads.

In the past one could track channels and thus get an idea of which pages or ad positions had the highest CTR and supplied you with the most income, but now Google offers you the awesome ability to link Google Analytics to your adSense account.

This is great because you can now see what keywords bring you the biggest click-frenzy and from what referrers you get bogus untargeted traffic.  By linking your website stats with your adSense profits you can thus see on what keywords you should focus, which type of backlinks you should get more off.

Also, you can see what ad positions and what pages supply you with the most adSense clicks. This allows you to play around with your positions, colours and you can start funnelling your traffic towards certain high-paying pages.

A small preview of what you’ll report will look like in Google Analytics. Interested yet?!?
Link Adsense to Analytics

How do I link my adSense to my Google Analytics?

Getting this service is rather cumbersome and not very straight forward.

First you have to apply here by entering your Publisher ID number and some other personal details. Then you have to fill in a short survey. Hey, let’s reward Google with some feedback for this great service!

Now you’ll have to wait and pray to see if you’ll get approved.

Setting up the ASAC code:

Once you have been approved, you’ll have to choose an Analytics account to link your AdSense to.

But first you’ll have to add a code of this form to your webpages:

window.google_analytics_uacct = "UA-accountnumber-propertyindex";

This AdSense Analytics Code (ASAC) is the additional snippet of code you must place in your webpage’s HTML if you want to link your adSense to you Analytics account. This code must be placed above both the AdSense and the Google Analytics Tracking code and offcourse you have to change the accountnumber and propertyindex. These numbers will be automatically given to you once you have been approved for this feature.

Setting up adSense within Google Analytics

Once this all has been done you can start recieving data within Google Analytics by clicking on the new link that has appeared in the left sidebar under either the Overview or the Advanced Reports Page. After you hacve clicked this link you’ll be asked to to create a new Analytics account, or input an existing Analytics account to link to.

There are four scenarios for this and all these scenarios link to the appropriate official help topic:

After you’ve done all this, you’re set and you’ll probably have to wait 24 hours for data to be recorded. Also, please note that you do not necessary have to apply using the form as Google is also slowly allowing random user accounts to use this feature, just keep a lookout for the link in the left toolbar.

Some related sites

Good luck, and happy tracking. Let us know your findings!

Top 11 adSense Alternatives!

Google adSense is tremendously popular and millions of websites use it, but there are some interesting alternatives that might be more suitable for your website or will pay out more.  So if you have been banned from adSense, want to see if you can earn more or if you need a different kind of ad displaying system (your readers are becoming adSense blind!!) then you could try the following services.


adBright is probably the biggest after Google adSense and offers much of the same functionality. They offer less variation in ad formats but make up for this with some great tools for setting up in-text ads, similar to Vibrant and MIVA. Also, interstitial full page ads offer an excellent way to earn from all traffic to your site, not just ad clicks. You can set minimum CPC values for your ads and exclude certain advertisers. Payouts are typically 75% and terms and conditions are more relaxed and focused towards smaller publishers and bloggers. It can also be used in conjunction with Google AdSense. This allows you to maximize your CTR and at the same time offer advertisers the possibility to show their links in your AdSense space.


Another good content sensitive ad publishing network is Clicksor. Although their payout scheme seems focused towards small site owners (minimum for Paypal $20,-) theye only allow sites of 5000 page views per day or more.  This number is usually easily reached after some time, but may hold off websites just starting up. You can only place one add per page as it states in their user agreement, but as long as you ony place one popup or DHTML add they seem to be ok with multiple ads on one page.


Chitika offers a publishers to display PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads. The best things about this system are:

  • Only displays to traffic from search engines and argets the search keyword. Regular blog readers or people that axcess your page directly are not shown the add.
  • Displays along side Google adSense and thus supplies additional revenue.
  • Fully customizable colours and style.
  • Offers referral income of 10% of any income a publisher referred by you is making.


Target point offers 4 distinct advertising systems for publishers:

  • Adpoint automatically targets ads using real-time user searches, behavior in the site, page content and more. In addition to these proprietary technologies, Adpoint also utilizes another Targetpoint technology, which checks in real-time for the highest CPC bid for the targeted content, Thus enabling both higher click through and higher CPC!.
  • Exitpoint is a textual ad service that serves targeted ads to your exit traffic via designated links. It will provide you with income from every page you link to.
  • Imagepoint enables you to display targeted visual banners that automatically change their creative to match the interests of the user.
  • Underpoint is a user friendly version of classical pop-under ads. They claim it will not annoy the user.

ContextWeb ADSDAQ

ContextAd offers contextual ads for dynamic pages, thus ads will change as soon as your page does, similar to adSense. They will run each submitted domain through our auto-approval process and afterwords you can run our ads on any page of a domain that gets approved. Minimum payouts are at $50,- and ads are more content rich generally. Furthermore, publishers can specify an AskPrice per click and 100% of that price will be paid to the publisher


Bidvertiser is very much like Google adSense, allowing you to customize the layout, block certain ads and follow performance. Several of it’s strong points are:

  • If you are already a publisher you automatically become an affiliate, which means that you will also be paid for every user you refer.
  • Payment can be instant through PayPal as soon as you earnings are more than $10,-.
  • There are special accounts for websites with over 5 Million pageviews per month.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media offers user-initiated ads. The way it works is via highlighted phrases or keywords within your websites content. Once a user hovers over such a phrase an add is displayed. This can be video ads, interactive ads, textual ads, etc.  The system places you in full control, and is easily implemented by adding some simple JavaScript to your pages. Vibrant Media then selects several phrases or keywords to place their ads under and you’re ready to start earning money. This system works best for websites with a lot of written content.

Yahoo APT

Yahoo APT
Yahoo is currently trying to match Googles succes wih adSense  and has released it’s own content sensitive advertising service. There are a lot of similarities, including $100,- minimums earning for  payouts. If you can get your hands on a account, because they are still in Beta and many people have complaint about not getting accepted, it should be worth a try. Yahoo promises to include the following features:

  • Advanced ad targeting and display capabilities can improve the relevance of your results.
  • Ability to filter competitive listings from appearing on your site—to protect your business.
  • Access to a wide range of tools, services and programs that enable you—and your users—to get the most value from your site.
  • Four ways to collect your revenue, including a PayPal option that lets you get paid more quickly.

Microsoft ContentAds

MS ContentAds
MS, like Yahoo is trying to get a piece of the online advertising cake and is trying to match Googles adSense system. So far their service is only open to Beta testers and not a lot of info is known about this program. MS, does have a large advertisers network, so this should be a good one for publishers as well.


Miva, like vibrant also offers intext ads that popup on user interaction. It’s main focus is towards addbloks and text-ad-banners, quite similar to Google adSense. It offers much of the same control like, ad blocking, customization and earning reports. Nice extra’s are  it’s  Search Box functionality, the  Category Directory and the handling of 404 error pages. It can be implemented into your page using a simple on-line wizard.

ValueClick Media

ValueClick Media
Another ad publishing network.. Offers nothing special in particular and seems to be focused towards the larger publishers out there.

So there you have it, there are many good alternatives for Google adSense out there that are worth a try.

Please let us know what your experience with any of these services is below!


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