Tracking adSense clicks can be off great value for publishers as it will let you determine which pages, what kind of visitors and when you have the higherst CTR and ultimately how you make the most money from your ads.

In the past one could track channels and thus get an idea of which pages or ad positions had the highest CTR and supplied you with the most income, but now Google offers you the awesome ability to link Google Analytics to your adSense account.

This is great because you can now see what keywords bring you the biggest click-frenzy and from what referrers you get bogus untargeted traffic.  By linking your website stats with your adSense profits you can thus see on what keywords you should focus, which type of backlinks you should get more off.

Also, you can see what ad positions and what pages supply you with the most adSense clicks. This allows you to play around with your positions, colours and you can start funnelling your traffic towards certain high-paying pages.

A small preview of what you’ll report will look like in Google Analytics. Interested yet?!?
Link Adsense to Analytics

How do I link my adSense to my Google Analytics?

Getting this service is rather cumbersome and not very straight forward.

First you have to apply here by entering your Publisher ID number and some other personal details. Then you have to fill in a short survey. Hey, let’s reward Google with some feedback for this great service!

Now you’ll have to wait and pray to see if you’ll get approved.

Setting up the ASAC code:

Once you have been approved, you’ll have to choose an Analytics account to link your AdSense to.

But first you’ll have to add a code of this form to your webpages:

window.google_analytics_uacct = "UA-accountnumber-propertyindex";

This AdSense Analytics Code (ASAC) is the additional snippet of code you must place in your webpage’s HTML if you want to link your adSense to you Analytics account. This code must be placed above both the AdSense and the Google Analytics Tracking code and offcourse you have to change the accountnumber and propertyindex. These numbers will be automatically given to you once you have been approved for this feature.

Setting up adSense within Google Analytics

Once this all has been done you can start recieving data within Google Analytics by clicking on the new link that has appeared in the left sidebar under either the Overview or the Advanced Reports Page. After you hacve clicked this link you’ll be asked to to create a new Analytics account, or input an existing Analytics account to link to.

There are four scenarios for this and all these scenarios link to the appropriate official help topic:

After you’ve done all this, you’re set and you’ll probably have to wait 24 hours for data to be recorded. Also, please note that you do not necessary have to apply using the form as Google is also slowly allowing random user accounts to use this feature, just keep a lookout for the link in the left toolbar.

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Good luck, and happy tracking. Let us know your findings!